Custom Made Split NFL Game Jerseys

Split Jerseys

Siam Trading Post Split NFL Jersey

Split Jerseys

Siam Trading Post Patriots Saints Jersey

Split Jerseys

STP Custom Split NFL Jersey

Split Jerseys

Custom Made to Order split Jerseys







 Custom Made Split NFL Game Jerseys

We produce custom Jerseys, any size, name or number. Big and Tall Ladies or Youth sizes produced to order.  Jerseys can be done in the New Nike Elite or Rebook Authentic game jersey style. Let your imagination run wild, combine college and NFL teams, or any combination you like. Also can do custom split Hockey, Basketball and Baseball Jerseys.

Whatever you can think of, we can do. Please email us for details . Thousands of custom made jerseys available on our website.

Siam Trading Post has the and largest selection of  Split NFL Game Jerseys sport shirts, jerseys, and shorts  available on the web. We can provide for any of your request, in any size, name and number. Custom design jerseys also available with no min order. Looking for a throwback or split Jerseys we can also provide those jerseys. Please email any questions

Split NFL Game Jerseys

Shipping is the same flat rate anywhere in the world. Authentic style premium quality NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB Every Team Size Name Number. All STITCHED and EMBROIDERED, no screen printing or iron ons, we use long lasting full Tackle Twill like Pro Game uniforms.

Our production costs are much higher on split jerseys so as of August 15, 2016 we will only be providing true split jersey.  You need to order two jerseys to get one completed split jersey.

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285 Responses to Custom Made Split NFL Game Jerseys

  1. siam says:

    Yes if ordered now

  2. Ambitious says:

    I’m looking to make an order but I need to know what shipping option to pick in order to get this next week in the US. Thanks!

  3. Shane beck says:

    Not sure if you can help but my wife and I would like to get a college football split jersey. 1/2 Notre Dame 1/2 Texas for the game in Austin this year. If you can help us how much would it be and can it be done?

  4. robert eveland says:

    I need PANTHERS / RAVENS JERSY FOR 89 SMITH SR purple and white
    Left front ravens 8 right front panthers 9
    left back ravens 8 right back panthers 9
    name SMITH SR.
    is this possible?

  5. siam says:

    Yes we can provide this jersey.

  6. siam says:

    Yes we can provide this jersey.

  7. Pam says:

    I do not see where I can order a custom split jersey here. Where on the site can i do this??

  8. Gary Melo says:

    Hello were looking to get a infant/Toddler Split jersey if the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys with the number 00 on the front and back and with the name MELO on the back. Would you be able to make this for us ? Thanks

  9. siam says:

    yes we can provide

  10. siam says:

    Follow the split jersey information within this thread.

  11. Ashleigh says:

    I would like to order 2 split hockey jerseys.
    1/2 detroit red wings
    1/2 buffalo sabres.
    The name on the back: PIENKOSZ
    The number=16
    One would be a ladies medium
    The other a men’s medium.
    What is the cost for each one?

  12. Joel says:

    I know there was a short term production hold on the split jerseys, is there any idea on a time frame when a order could be placed?

  13. Chris says:

    Can you do half Jaguars jersey and half Packers jersey by any chance? Thanks!

  14. Chris says:

    Is it possible for you to do half Jacksonville Jaguars and half Green Bay Packers by any chance? If so please contact me at: Thanks!

  15. David says:

    Would like to know about information about the following and if it’s possible…

    Would like to know what the prices would be for the following jerseys…

    Split jersey:
    Baseball Jersey – Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds
    Men’s XL
    Women’s XXL

    Split Jersey:
    Football Jersey – Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals
    Men’s XL
    Women’s XXL

  16. Ashleigh says:

    Hello, I live in charlotte, north Carolina and I was interested in a couple jerseys as a wedding present to my husband.

    Is it possible to make 2 jerseys Half detroit redwings and half buffalo sabres?

    The men’s would have to be size medium and the womans would probably also be medium (if they fit loose)

    The number on the jersey’s would be: 06

    Are these possible? This is the third time I have emailed.

  17. Christopher says:

    I’m looking to get an Ezekiel Elliott buckeyes/cowboys split jersey once his new number is released.

  18. Dominic says:

    Do you guys do nba split jerseys?

  19. Gabby says:

    Can you do infant/toddler sizes? For example 24 months or 2t?

  20. Scott Leithoff says:

    Can you make two Canada/Ireland rugby jerseys with names and numbers on the back?

  21. Candice says:

    I need a youth size medium split nfl 49ers/panthers #19 on front/back jersey.

  22. CINDY L GUNVILLE says:

    Hi I need one 1/2 Dallas 1/2 Vikings for the game Dec 1st. How much would it be and what is time frame?

  23. Laura says:

    I would like to order half panthers half redskins jersey with NORMAN 24 on back how to I go about doing that?

  24. CINDY L GUNVILLE says:

    Hi I need a spilt jersey with Mn Vikings and Dallas cowboys for the game Dec 1st.

  25. Mary Miller says:

    Would like a split jersey XL Bears side number 2 and Cowboy side 4 so number would be 24. No name on back. Please let me know cost and how long it would take. How do I place order?

  26. joshuah davis says:

    I would like a custom football jersey. Half dallas cowboys and half arizona cardinals. White cowboys and black cardinals. With the number 60 and the name Davis.

  27. Rick Cato says:

    I looking for a jersey for my wife, she is a Demarcus Ware fan She is wanting a Broncos and Cowboys jersey with Ware’s Name and number Blue cowboys jersey and orange Broncos jersey. Is this possible?

  28. Connie says:

    Can you take Split Jersey orders at this time?


    Can I get a woman split team jesrsey with Carolina Panthers and San fransico with the number 00 on it. size medium

  30. Jame says:

    Phoenix suns split jerseys

  31. Ruben castillo says:

    I need a half broncos half rams jersey number 17 and the back to say “benny” its for my Son he is only 1 year and 8 months do you provide small jerseys like that ? I need to order a size 3T. Please let me know if this is possible thank you

  32. jose godina says:

    im looking for a split jersey…packers and vikings…with the last name on the back that reads GODINA..with the numbe 13..

  33. Christopher Cox says:

    I’m looking to purchase a Dallas Cowboy Split Jersey

  34. Chelsea says:

    Need half Alabama and half new orlean saints
    Number 22
    Name Ingram
    Is this possible?

  35. Alfredo says:

    I need a Ware cowboys and broncos split jersey

  36. Hi I would like to know about how can I order a half Ohio state and half Cowboys jersey of Ezekiel Elliott jersey 21. And how much will it cost to be made

    Thank you

  37. Justin Fountain says:

    I am a NE Patriots fan from Arizona, and my entire family including my fiancé are all AS Cardinals fans. I would love to get a half & half jersey made of both teams. My request is a size large, half Gronkowski and half Fitzgerald jersey. If that’s possible, please email me with the pricing/payment information and any additional information. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  38. Amanda says:

    I have been trying to get a split jersey. How much do y’all charge?

  39. Nate says:

    Demarcus Ware half Cowboys half Broncos

  40. katie says:

    What would your price be for a half ravens/half steelers newborn jersey? Is that possible?

  41. John Whealan III says:

    I was wondering how much it would cost to do a half colts, half patriots jersey

  42. Joshua Alexander says:

    I’m looking to get a 3xl tall split jersey. Number 4 half Dallas half Green Bay. Can you do this?

  43. Joshua Alexander says:

    Can you split a cowboys and packers number 4 jersey with the name LEGENDS

  44. Ana Cale says:

    I need a baby’s jersey Braves/Red Sox can this be done? If so what is the smallest it can be and what is the pricing?

  45. Susan surran says:


  46. daniel says:

    How much is a split jersey

  47. Sharon Windschitl says:

    Can you do a Minnesota Steelers split jersey? This would need to be in a 4X.

  48. siam says:

    Yes can provide

  49. siam says:

    Yes we can provide this jersey

  50. siam says:

    Yes we can provide this jersey

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