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rep2Siam Trading Post Review

We get emails everyday asking about our jerseys and products. When you spend hundreds of dollars you want to get the most for your money.  Siam Trading Post provides the best custom Shirts and jerseys on the market…. basketball shorts too, custom designed in any size.

Another happy buyer:

Capt. Thomas, U.S.M.C.

My name is Thomas, a Retired United States Marine, and I would like to share my experience with Siam Trading Post, just because it differed so greatly. I had ordered a specialized jersey from them, which had to be all custom made from scratch, a project that was NOT easy. The price seemed BEYOND cheap, and so I thought I would take a chance. But to be honest, I would NOT have been shocked if the quality of the jersey I ordered was not up to par. For $100.00, what would you REALLY expect right??? Well, when I received it yesterday, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The quality of the jersey I received easily rivaled a Mitchell & Ness, which is the pinnacle for all jersey making, period!!! Everything was done PERFECTLY, and to ask them to do what I asked them to do, was NOT easy workmanship. But this is a company I will HIGHLY recommend, and being active in all the Marine Corps leagues and the VA, they will definitely receive the recognition they so rightly deserve.

I wrote to the gentleman who took care of my order, Art, and he corresponded back and forth with me continuously, letting me know how it was going, and that he would take care of every detail. And ALL of his responses were NEVER longer than 8 hours, which again, was SHOCKING, especially coming from overseas.

 I received my jersey here in Las Vegas, by the Post Office, within 3 weeks. And to my surprise, the jersey was sent certified mail. That’s VERY rare; trust me, when ordering jerseys. Most are sent by UPS, and are dropped off on the front porch, My Rod Carew jersey, which I just recently ordered from, was a front porch package too, and that was an almost $300.00 jersey (Of course I had to order a Rod Carew jersey, he was a FORMER MARINE).

Luckily so far none have gone missing, but I am ALWAYS concerned about that happening. To this date, after ordering a total of 38 Jersey’s in the mail, this is the ONLY Company to have me sign for the parcel, imagine that??? As I said, it took about three weeks to come, and since it was coming from overseas, and I lived overseas, being a Marine, I know the length of time it takes to deliver things. And to ask for an exact date is ALMOST impossible. But if you are patient, as I am, the company will NOT disappoint you.

Now you may ask how do I know the company?? Well, it was a SHOT in the dark, since about 7 Companies were printing the jersey of SHANE FALCO, from the film The Replacements. But I wanted “SMITH” on the back of the jersey, with #42, not #16. Ray Smith #42 was the cornerback in the film, and being that I played college football, he was the ONLY player on the field that I believed actually played, and he was tough as hell. So for them to change all of that for me was GREATLY appreciated. But when it came, it was PERFECT!!! As I stated before, the jersey looks EXACTLY like a Mitchell & Ness Official Jersey, that’s how CLEAN it appears. Now I DEFINITELY will order the Shane Falco as well, after being so thankful for the workmanship.

May I also add that I NEVER write feedback or any of this stuff because I believe how many people actually read these things and pay attention to it. But when I showed my wife and daughters this jersey and how EXACT it was to what I asked for. To me, after such effort and hard work, someone needs to be FULLY recognized for such GREAT WORK. Please keep in mind; all I do in writing this note is offer you a different opinion, as well as a different experience. And anyone is more than welcome to write to me here in Las Vegas, NV, and if you’re in town, I’ll even stop by on the Las Vegas Blvd and show you their work. All I want to say is I’m THANKFUL, and I believe you will be too…

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  1. siam says:

    Another Happy Buyer

    Stephen J. C*****n
    Oct 22

    ” ……just received order today and am very satisfied with the jersey ……you guys do good
    work ……thanks……i’ll recommend siamtradingpost to anyone………..”

  2. siam says:

    Another Happy Buyer
    Michael V*****o
    Oct 21

    “Thanks I love the jersey it’s great will be ordering another soon”

  3. Another Happy Buyer… I recently purchased a 6X Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton jersey, I must say that I love it… NFL SHOP doesn’t carry most jerseys in my size, I’m hooked on SIAM TRADING POST

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