Pete Rose Hall of Fame Baseball Jersey

rose-03 rose-02 rose-06 rose-04 rose-05Will we ever see a Pete Rose Hall of Fame Baseball Jersey ? Should the Lifetime Ban be lifted and let him  into the Hall of Frame? No one can make the case that Pete Rose was not a great player. What he did while playing the game is clear. But MLB came down hard on him when accusations of gambling on games can to light. If you go to you cannot order or request Pete Rose gear, try to get a custom jersey from them with his name or number and they say not available.

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Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has received a formal request from Pete Rose. Rose ask that his lifetime ban be lifted.

“I want to make sure I understand all of the details of the Dowd Report and Commissioner [Bart] Giamatti’s decision and the agreement that was ultimately reached,” Manfred said after a meeting with Los Angeles Dodgers players in Arizona on Monday morning. “I want to hear what Pete has to say, and I’ll make a decision once I’ve done that.”

Rob Manfred has confirmed Pete Rose has petitioned him to lift the hits leader’s lifetime ban.

Rose’s previous efforts to gain leniency from commissioners Fay Vincent and Bud Selig were never considered.

Rose, now 73, played from 1963 to 1986, amassing a amazing 4,256 hits, a major league record to this day. But three years after retiring, Rose agreed to a permanent ban from baseball because of accusations he gambled on games while playing and managing for the Cincinnati Reds.

Since 1991, ban players have been permanently ineligible for induction into The Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame board member Rob Manfred, said the following.

“Honestly, I don’t think people should read any disposition into what I’m saying about this. I see it as a really simple thing. He’s made a request,” Manfred said. “Part of my obligations under the major league constitution is to deal with those requests, and I’ll deal with it.”

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly believes there will come a time “when we all kind of move on.” Mattingly said he first met Rose in a spring training game when Rose was playing for the Montreal Expos.

Pete Rose Hall of Fame Baseball Jersey

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